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Spring Cleaning: 4 Tips for Pantry Organization

Happy March! This month spring will begin (March 20th), and I am so ready! I’m looking forward to days that are longer, warmer, and more colorful, as the trees and flower grow and bloom.

1 Corinthians 3:7 NIV So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.

In preparation for spring, I wanted to do some cleaning and organizing. This week I took some time to purge, clean and organize my kitchen pantry. Here are my tips for cleaning and organizing yours:

TIP 1: Set the Right Cleaning Mood

This is a crucial part of the cleaning process. Setting myself up to clean includes (1) choosing the right day and time to clean and (2) playing the right cleaning music. I chose to clean my pantry on Friday because I have so much energy and excitement for the weekend on Fridays. Might as well put that energy to good use. I played dance music when I started cleaning because it increases my cleaning speed and keeps the good mood going during that phase of cleaning where all I've accomplished is making a mess. You know how when an upbeat song comes on in the car you start driving faster or even when you are in traffic a good song can make it not so bad, same concept.

TIP 2: Take Everything Out

I open my pantry many times a day, especially since I work from home, and I was used to the way it looked. It wasn't particularly organized, but it also did not bother me. Taking everything out provided me the opportunity to see my empty pantry and imagine how good the pantry could look. It also encouraged me to only put back items that I will use.

TIP 3: Place Food in Bins

I've seen many Pinterest photos of the pantry where all goods were removed from their original packaging and places into labeled clear jars/containers. Though this does present look pleasing, it also looks like a nightmare to maintain. For example, rice; I have wild rice, brown rice, and jasmine rice. This quantity of jars is adding up quickly. This is where the bins come in. While jars hold one thing, bins hold many things and still presenting a uniform look. I used both jars and bins in my pantry. I use jars for the couple of things that I really do have in bulk and bins for everything else. Do you use jar, bins, both, or neither? Am I wrong about the all-jar look, it is maintainable and worth it?

TIP 4: Store Non-Food Kitchen Items

The pantry is one of the larger storage spaces in the kitchen. If your drawers or cabinets are not so large, the pantry may be able to help. I had a drawer with kitchen towels and kitchen utensils in it. It was getting hard to close. I am so happy that I thought to put my kitchen towels in a bin and relocated them to the pantry. Maybe you can relocate something to your pantry too!

I'm very happy with the end result of my pantry and the organized pantry provided momentum to organize some other drawers and cabinets in my kitchen! I think my under-sink organization is my second favorite space (see below). Here’s hoping that we will whip up some tasty meals and snacks this spring in our organized kitchens.

Where I bought bins/containers:

Top Pantry Shelf: The Container Store

Second Panty Shelf: Walmart

Third Pantry Shelf: Ikea

Bottom Pantry Shelf: Amazon

Under Sink: The Container Store

I'll be back with more next Tuesday. If you liked what you read, consider liking this post, subscribing to the biweekly email notifications and/or checking me out on Pinterest.

I hope your week is filled with faith, focus, and fun!


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