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Why You Should Attend a Washington Wizards Game

I’ve wanted to go to a Washington Wizard’s game for a while now and this weekend, I went! I went with my boyfriend, and I knew he would have a good time, but I honestly didn't know how much fun it would be for me! The players were extremely talented, the snacks were tasty, and the room was full of energy. I was thoroughly entertained!

Here is what I loved about my Wizards Game Day:

Pre-Game Meal at Nando’s:

Nando's has a special place in my heart and a location a couple of minutes away from the Capital One Arena. Naturally, we stopped in for a meal before the game. They serve delicious South African flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken and their restaurants are styled to create a very welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. It was the perfect pre-game meal.

They only have USA locations in the DC area and the Chicago area, so it is a great place to try if you find yourself near a location. We came to DC just in time for dinner and the game, but if you have a lot of free time before the game, I also recommend checking out the National Portrait Gallery. It is right across the street from the Capital One Arena and a fun time. For more on the National Portrait Gallery see a past blog post here.

Capital One Arena Created a Fun Atmosphere:

The game tickets were very affordable. We were in the nosebleeds lol, but we had a great view of the game and paid a little under $40 per ticket, including taxes and fees. I loved that we had people around us but not too many people. (This may vary for seat choice and teams playing)

At most basketball games hype music is played when the teams come onto the court and warm up, but at this game, the motivational warm up music played the whole game. Nothing creates a fun vibe like some good music! The other great thing about the music is that they did not play full songs, they just played the catchiest part of the song, then moved on. My mind is mostly full of song lyrics, so I loved how many different songs were played.

If the music wasn't doing enough to keep me entertained, the other things going on were! Whenever there was a time out or a quarter end there was fun to be had in the form of crowd engaging activities and games. They had a dance cam, where you could dance at you seat for a chance to be featured on the jumbotron. Mostly kids made it on the screen which was incredibly cute! They also had many other things to see and do including jumpers who used trampolines to do tricks and flips before dunking the basketball.

The Game:

The Wizards played a good game. The score was always close so especially in the final minutes the whole crowd roared at every play, me included! I was engaged and wanted them to win! I clapped and cheered and then THEY WON, which really put a smile on my face.

I now know that NBA games are a place to watch athletes, but more importantly, they are a place to be free and act FANATIC! If you are looking to dance, clap and scream a little, you should check out a Washington Wizards game, a Washington Mystics (WNBA) game, or your local equivalent. [The WNBA season runs from May - August, so there is plenty more basketball to see this year.]

Thanks to the players for their discipline and dedication in practice to give us a good game. Do you plan on watching march madness? When was the last time you attended a basketball game?

Hebrews 12: 11 NIV: No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.

I'll be back with more next Tuesday. If you liked what you read, consider liking this post, subscribing to the biweekly email notifications and/or checking me out on Pinterest.

I hope your week is filled with faith, focus, and fun!


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